Fuel Ventures’ Transformation: Unifying Portfolio Data with Visible

Written by Minna Wollocombe

At Fuel Ventures, we've always been dedicated to nurturing and propelling the growth of startups in our portfolio. As a Venture Capital firm, managing the diverse and expanding range of investments has been a dynamic challenge for us 🌱. However, we sought a change that would not just address our immediate needs but transform the way we manage our investments.

Managing our portfolio data across various Google solutions felt like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces 🧩. The complexities of maintaining a master Google sheet for investment data and dispersing qualitative information across different documents and Drive folders became increasingly challenging as our portfolio expanded.

In our pursuit for a unified source of truth, we sought a platform that would align with our specific needs. Our criteria were clear: straightforward onboarding, seamless historical data uploads, substantial improvement in efficiency, flexibility to accommodate complexities, and a justifiable return on investment.

🌟 The Visible Solution: A Seamless Experience

After meticulous research and a tailored demo, we found our solution in Visible. The onboarding experience was seamless, and the Visible team provided invaluable support throughout the process. Implementing Visible marked a transformative phase for us, streamlining our operations and enhancing decision-making processes.

Since adopting Visible, we've witnessed an immediate and profound impact. Visible serves as the centralised hub for investment information, notes, and qualitative updates about our portfolio companies. It offers granular visibility into investments, simplifies the retrieval of notes and company updates, and significantly improves our reporting for Limited Partners.

The decision to choose Visible was not just practical but also strategic, aligning with our vision for future-ready portfolio management. It has revolutionising the way we manage our portfolio; streamlining operations and embracing efficiency and accuracy. Visible has empowered us to make informed decisions and provide impactful support for the startups in our portfolio.

Our journey with Visible has been transformative, and we're excited to continue making strides in the startup ecosystem. Oli Hammond, Partner at Fuel shared "Visible is a great choice for funds who are looking to move away from fragmented systems and methodology (Word, Google Drive, spreadsheets) to one source of truth.

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