Fuel Ventures led Kepler’s pre-seed round

Written by Alex Bredeen

Fuel Ventures lead Kepler's pre-seed round

We're thrilled to announce that we are investing Kepler. The team are fully focused on developing our technology, building out our operations team, and launching our first corridor in Europe.

What is Kepler?

It’s a digital freight platform that aims to revolutionise the logistics industry by bringing in cutting edge tech solutions to cut transit times by 50% using a Relay led model.

Why now?

Their relay road freight services are designed to solve some of the biggest challenges the industry is facing, such as the driver shortage caused by difficult job conditions and long periods away from home. Their innovative approach is particularly valuable for industries that require fast and reliable services in the likes of fresh produce, high-value items, pharmaceuticals, and express shipping services like DHL.

It's worth noting that the road freight industry in Europe is facing new regulations that will require carriers to meet stricter emissions standards and adopt new technologies to improve safety and efficiency. At Kepler, they're already ahead of the curve and well-positioned to help their customers comply with these new regulations while still delivering high-quality transportation services.

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