PRIMIS Secures £2M Seed Funding from Fuel Ventures!

Written by Minna Wollocombe

A major milestone for PRIMIS as they proudly announce a successful seed funding round, raising an impressive £2 million from Fuel Ventures. This infusion of capital marks a significant leap forward for their vision and growth.


PRIMIS’ mission is to enhance the open interactions between the consumer and retailer to improve consumers’ post-purchase customer experiences in a way that modifies how they think, react, and buy online. PRIMIS has helped brands create a customer-centric experience from cart to door, streamlining post-purchase communications.

At PRIMIS, they are pioneers in everything Customer Experience. Their commitment to being an innovator in all things post purchase, as well as willing to get stuck into the difficult elements of eCommerce & supply chain, sets them apart from current providers, and this funding will fuel their mission to leverage new and emerging technologies to the betterment of the customer journey.

"Fuel Ventures' support is a game-changer, propelling us to new heights and empowering us to redefine the way retailers look at post purchase and final mile communication in greater detail”, Rebecca Griffiths, Founder & CEO of Primis

"We are thrilled to be leading this funding round for PRIMIS, who are pioneering the future of post-purchase customer experience. We've been extremely impressed with Rebecca's leadership of the business to date, having delivered significant growth in a capital efficient manner. We see huge potential for PRIMIS to positively impact customer experience, by solving a genuine problem through technology and data." Shiv Patel, Partner at Fuel Ventures

The journey to date

The idea of PRIMIS was first considered in 2020 when CEO & founder, Rebecca Griffiths, stepped into the post-purchase customer experience world and saw gaps in the solutions being offered to date.  


In the past 18 months, PRIMIS have launched three distinct products: their main one been PRIMIS Track. PRIMIS have also signed a Partnership Agreement with one of the largest UK carriers to support their post-purchase comms journey. The team has grown from a single founder to an efficient team of eight including a CPO and COO.

Join PRIMIS on this exciting journey as they continue to push boundaries and make waves in the industry!

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