The Vice Mayor of Beijing, Mr. Jin Wei, Visits Fuel Ventures to Explore a New Chapter of Sino-British Cooperation in Tec

Written by Christina Levada

We were privileged to host Mr. Jin Wei, Vice Mayor of Beijing, and his esteemed delegation at Fuel Ventures' London office, where they were warmly greeted by the Fuel Ventures team.

The meeting convened senior leaders and influential decision-makers from both sides, comprising key officials from Beijing alongside core members of the Fuel Ventures team. Throughout the visit, in-depth discussions were held, focusing on fortifying collaboration in technology innovation and investment.


Mark Pearson, Founder of Fuel Ventures, and Xu Jingjing, Partner of Fuel Ventures, provided a comprehensive overview of Fuel Ventures' investment strategy, outcomes, and their enduring partnership with the Zhongguancun Development Group (ZGCDG). ZGCDG stands as a cornerstone enterprise in China's science and technology innovation landscape, and its collaboration with Fuel Ventures has yielded strategic benefits in terms of brand elevation, project support, and network and resource expansion.


Expressing enthusiasm, Mark Pearson highlighted Fuel Ventures' established cooperative foundation with ZGCDG in Beijing, underscoring the firm's growing confidence in the Asian market, exemplified by the expansion of Fuel Ventures' Asia team. Furthermore, Jingjing Xu, Partner of Fuel Ventures, conveyed the firm's commitment to spearheading technology investment endeavors, aiming to cultivate an environment and ecosystem conducive to the growth of technology ventures with great potential.

Mr Jin Wei extended recognition towards Fuel Ventures for its passion and professionalism in early-stage

technology investment. He voiced his support and recognition of the collaboration between Fuel Ventures and ZGCDG, emphasizing the pivotal role of Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing's innovation ecosystem. Mr. Jin Wei expressed optimism regarding the prospects for sustained cooperation between

the two entities, underlining the substantial potential for Beijing-London collaboration in technology and innovation and investment. Furthermore, he articulated specific expectations for future cooperation, including strengthening ongoing China-UK collaboration in science, technology, and innovation, fostering deeper ties within the venture capital industries of both sides, and facilitating mutual understanding and technological exchanges among multinational enterprises.


The meeting served not only as a platform for substantive exchanges but also as a catalyst for setting clearer directions and goals for future collaboration. Through these measures, Beijing and Fuel Ventures hopes to jointly promote science and technology innovation, enhance investment opportunities, and deepen cooperation and influence on the global science and technology innovation stage.

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